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There are limitless approaches and so our focus is growth and optimized impact with an aim at regenerative ecosystem development.

We implement a time tested holistic strategy using insights derived from years of in-depth analysis, a deep intuitive connection to networks and rooted in established human behavior and marketing fundamentals. 

For instance, offering your valuable insight to the world in a synthesized way is an essential part of attracting qualified clients, collaborators, or advocates into your cause and relationship management system. We can identify and produce valuable content that your target audience is enthusiastic to exchange for their contact information.  In addition to creating magnetic lead content, we will drive traffic to these pages via promotions, design tactical landing page, and drip email campaigns to nurture leads into converting customers or collaborators. 



We traverse value-adding and inspiring ways to attract users to your products and services via original content. 

Typically delivered as blog articles, videos, giveaways, lead magnets, and social media posts, this content builds relationships, trust, and appreciation with potential users by providing them with something they value.

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Campaign Management

Managing these campaigns takes a lot of time, something most business owners and marketers don’t have. We’re here to help. On a monthly, weekly, or daily basis, our optimization experts will manage and optimize your campaign, including but not limited to removing underperforming ads/keywords, testing new ads/keywords, adding negative keywords, and landing page optimization recommendations to improve quality score.



You’ve got mail! Well, currently you have a list of emails, but we’ll make sure that list receives the right content when it’s most appropriate. You may think email marketing is passé, but with a 4400% ROI and $44 returned for every $1 spent, email is still one of the most effective digital marketing techniques.


Paid Advertising

Organic social media and email marketing are great distribution channels, but their reach can be limited. To extend the reach of your messaging, we will employ sophisticated paid advertising techniques to distribute your content to your target audience via paid search, paid social media, sponsored content, and display advertising.


Reporting & Analytics

How do you know if all of this is working? Don’t worry – we provide monthly reports including valuable campaign metrics, results, and a summary of all the essential optimizations and insights we have from the previous month. We will let you know which ad groups, ads, and tactics perform the best and what we are doing to deliver the most conversions.


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Landing page optimization is an essential part of a successful digital campaign. We provide valuable feedback on the structure and content of your landing pages. The better your landing page, the higher quality score your ads will have, and the more conversions you will see. Using multi-variable testing, we can validate new approaches and optimization models efficiently.


Our team has extensive experience building and expanding on proven strategies to generate revenue. We love to tinker and optimize yield –  ranging from increasing e-commerce product sales to scaling recurring models of subscriptions, to informational products, and lastly to ad sponsor approaches. 


We have talent that can support honing messages to complement your marketing plan in all the different formats available, from banners to native, to social and video commercials.


We will use the bidding strategy best aligned with the identified KPIs of the campaign, whether that be Cost per Click (CPC), Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM), or Cost per Acquisition (CPA).


Providing consistently valuable content for your target audience is a time-intensive process involving a significant amount of research, writing, editing, publishing, and distributing. Let us take care of all of that for you. Our skilled team of content creators will produce monthly articles on topics relevant to your target audience.


Videos are a valuable, powerful way to tell your brand’s story, showcase your product or service, and engage with your target audience. We’re not talking infomercials here. But rather compelling, interesting, and emotionally engaging storytelling that can make your business come to life online.


As part of a holistic content and SEO strategy, it’s essential to build quality links to your site. Undoubtedly, a highly impactful tool, yet something most digital marketers fall short on.

Kerstin Recker Alexandre, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Seekr.com

I recently had the pleasure of working with Anthony and his agency, whose approach to performance marketing stands out in the industry. Anthony uniquely blends strategic insight with practical tactics, showcasing a deep understanding of both the science and art of engaging consumers. Unlike many agencies, his data-driven strategies are not just about generating clicks; they’re about connecting with the right audience in a way that fosters long-term customer relationships. His methods have consistently delivered superior results and impressive ROI, proving that his tactics aren’t just effective, they’re also tailored to forge a deeper connection with the most relevant audience for our brand. This approach has been instrumental in cultivating lasting customer loyalty.

Jan Gerards, Co-Founder & CTO of RecycleGO

Awakening Agency are digital marketing scientists that execute with precision and excellence. I have had the pleasure of working with them in the past which has always resulted in amazing results. They know the engine of the digital marketing world inside and out. They are very skilled at analyzing the context of a marketing campaign, understanding the needs of the customer segment, the content that will appeal to them and executing to stimulate audience engagement. They are also very well versed in affiliate marketing, video arbitrage and a multitude of other digital marketing techniques. Their intelligence, domain knowledge and work ethic are incredible. I would gladly work with them again.

Jesse Danger, Co-Founder & Executive Director at The Movement Creative

Anthony & the Awakening team bring beyond next level insider performance knowledge, and uplifting momentum of progress, and a devoted spirit. We feel their authentic passion and commitment to serve our mission of empowering youth, rediscovering the love of movement and serving greater good. It’s a honor to be supported by them.







Jonah Baker, Creative Director of Tapping Bones

Awakening Agency provides extraordinary services for exponential marketing. They function at a higher octave in their technical acumen and approach to finessing growth.
As veterans of wall street, the advertising world, and the media industry, they have a wealth of wisdom to preemtively identify challenges and engineer comprehensive solutions.

Rome Viharo, CEO & Founder at BigMotherDao, BigMother.Agency, and Aiki Wiki

Awakening Agency has something very rare at their disposal, which is an extremely sophisticated understanding of audience acquisition, basically online crowd building, at scale. This is the type of knowledge that can only be earned through years and years of rare media experience, being in the right place and the right time. Combine that with powerful intentions to make the world better, Awakening Agency becomes the preferred voice one desires whispering one the shoulders to any new earth business.”

Marina Johnson, Strategic Account Director in Digital Media

The Awakening Agency crew brings their audience science expertise, nurtured through diverse experiences and the relentless drive to make the world a better place. These media veterans possess a deep understanding of the user behavior in the digital ecosystem and it’s the key ingredient in their secret sauce that delivers remarkable yield and results. 

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